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Hotel Seven Seventeen – A traditional Tibetan family blessed by the lord almighty or how else can you explain that each family members are born or passed away on the 7th or 17th of any month of the Gregorian calendar, hence the name Seven Seventeen. Some say its luck but luck doesn’t repeat. The hotel has 23 rooms are managed efficiently by the family members.

In the land where the environment is as diverse as the culture, and light plays hide and seek with shadow / clouds, it comes as a breath of a fresh air to have a package designed specially for you. You will be plied with hospitality; you will feel homely, calm, green and just right for unwinding. The packages will include lavish buffets / food, drinks, polite, welcoming staff and all sorts of facilities. You can even design your own holiday. Simply pick any destination, anytime of the year and leave the rest to us. We will familiarize you with the local area, language, shopping and other key aspects.

Conveniently located in the heart of the town, Hotel Seven Seventeen is the ideal place to stay in whether you are here for holiday or on business trip. The Mall, main bus and taxi stands, local market, banks and entertainment centers are all within walking distance from the hotel.

The Hotel offers 3 star facilities and is been run by a traditional warm Tibetan family. We have well appointed cosy and comfortable rooms with all the modern amenities to add to your pleasurable stay. We also have facilities for hosting conference, seminars, wedding and large parties. The relaxed interiors, the wooden furniture, the candle lit dining tables, all have a story to tell. The weather varies from pleasant to cold, to very cold. The sunset and sunrise will leave a wonderful feeling that words and images cannot convey dinners.

We also strive to incorporate the habits and views of customers into our operations as we believe people are our strength and they are fundamental to our company's continued existence and growth.

The warmth of our hospitality transcends routine. Indeed it lingers deep in custom. Even the sparkle in your glass of wine glints sunny. When you’ve traveled Darjeeling, you do not just simply leave us thinking ‘Nice tour’. You carry the glow with you, captured from one or many purely Darjeeling moments. You are our world. Hence we got the certificate of praise from lonely planet / rough-guide  / foot prints to name a few. 

Our goal is to provide efficient and effective management services to our customers at genuine competitive rates.