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The Magic of Darjeeling

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Activities / Excursion

Where else in the world can you enjoy a safari in the morning, trek in the afternoon and relish a perfect Indian / Tibetan dinner in the night. Come and stay with us. Darjeeling with its natural beauty provides a wide variety of activities from leisurely scenic walks to more grueling activities such as trekking and river rafting for the adventurous ones. The state offers a wide range of adventure sports opportunities, including mountaineering in the Himalayas. River rafting is possible in the rough waters of the Teesta. Kayaking on the Teesta is arranged for special groups. We believe holiday should offer new challenges, hard-earned as well as thrills, and plenty of laughs as you try a new sport or activity with expert instructors and like-minded people. But at the same time we will not compromise the safety aspects, which we take very seriously. Group holidays require a minimum number of participants to operate, as costs are calculated on a certain group size.We always recommend that you book your activities in advance.


The area has breathtaking snow views of the entire range, superb sunrise and sunset, picture post card hamlets, exotic flora, forests, and ideal for cruising with a local guide.The road are good and except in the monsoon season the drive is magnificient. A leisure drive will provide  you with exquisite scenic beauty, spectacular views to watch and appreciate the beauty which nature has provided. This thrilling drive is accompanied with the views of the beautiful tea gardens and it is a good experience.


River Rafting in the Teesta takes a day. Teesta in the mountain provides excellent scope for rafting. We can organise rafting in Teesta. Depending on your requirement, longer duration rafting tour can also be organised. White water rafting in Teesta was introduced in Darjeeling and has gained tremendous popularity since then. Teesta is graded on an international scale as grade IV. With a series of rapids with varying intensity and character, Teesta extends a challenging invitation to the enthusiasts.


Biking / Cycling is one of the fastest growing and exhilarating adventure sports in India today. The entire route has superb sunrise and sunset, hamlets, exotic flora, forests, tea gardens etc an ideal route for biking. Biking is popular among the westerners, hence one can see lot of foreigner’s throughout the route biking their way. The journey is to be made leisurely, as it is strenuous. Each stretch offers a unique panorama.

Bird and Butterfly

The botanical and zoological richness is inspiring, boasting of more than 3500 species of plants and 30% of all the birds found in the Indian sub-continent. Birdlife is abundant with Whistling Thursh, Giant Lammergeier, Vultures, Minivets, Bulbuls and Pheasants can be found here. Easy birds on the trek were Great Parrotbill around Sandakphu, Himalayan Cuckoo, White-throated Needletail and Slender-billed Scimitar -Babbler White-tailed Robin, White-browed Shortwing, Black-throated Parrotbill, Brown Parrotbill, Hill Partridge, Broad-billed Warbler and Slender-billed Scimitar Babbler.It are a paradise for Ornithologist. Also seen are the Scarlet Finch, Rusty-throated Barwing (fairly common), Bay Woodpecker, Yellow-cheeked Tit, Orange-bellied Leafbird, Streaked Spiderhunter and calling Mountain Hawk-Eagle.

Trekking / Rock climbing

Trekking is undoubtedly of value to physical fitness but its aim is not to produce athletics. It is an activity which should develop real love for the mountain regions and appreciation of their grandeur. Trekking leads to a closer interest in plants, trees, birds and animals, indeed in all form of nature study. It inculcates the virtue of sacrifice, the value of physical exertion, sometimes to the limit of endurance, and above all, the spirit of comradeship. Plenty of trekking routes have been opened in the Darjeeling area to savor the breathtaking beauty of the Eastern Himalayas.

Sandakphu and Phalut

Sandakphu is 59 km from Darjeeling. With 8 hours walk a day, it can be reached in 2 days from Manaybhanjang. Another spot is Phalut, 3600 mts. The view from Phalut is similar to that from Sandakphu. Phalut is a junction of Sikkim, Nepal and West Bengal. Perfect place for trekkers is Phalut and Sandakphu. It offers a spectacular view of the surrounding areas.

Kanchenjunga seemed to be only a valley away, looming over you with its five peaks turning pink and gold in the early morning light. This is what these trips are all about - a sense of awe that is almost religious when you stand near the top of the world and look out on it spread in front of you. Sandakphu and Phalut is called the view point of the Himalayas and is one of the most important & famous treks in the region. The trek starts with a small bus trip to Manaybhanjang. From here the trek passes through the mountains to Sandakphu. In the Darjeeling area, most common trek in the region culminates at Sandakphu (3658mts) or Phalut (3600mts) on the famous Singalila ridge. There are plenty of options for you to explore but few easy and preferable one’s are as follows

  • Darjeeling – Maneybhanjan, Tonglu, Sandakphu, Phalut, Raman, Rimbik, Palkmajua, Batasia, Maneybhanjan, Darjeeling – 178 km.
  • Darjeeling - Maneybhanjan, Tonglu, Sandakphu and back – 118km.
  • Darjeeling - Maneybhanjan, Tonglu, Sandakphu, Phalut and back – 160km.
  • Darjeeling - Maneybhanjan, Tonglu, Sandakphu, Rimbik, Jhepi, Bijanbari, Darjeeling - 116km.


Treks around Kalimpong

There are plenty of options for you to explore but few easy and preferable one’s are as follows -

  • Pedong & Lava/Loleygaon - A 2 to 3 days holiday to live with nature, walk the forests, relax, and see the sunrise on the Chola Range.
  • Neora National Park - A 4 day trek through forests and exotic flora of the National Park, climbing up to the 3,152 metre high Rache La tri-junction, to view the Chola Range.
  • Samthar Plateau - 3 to 4 days offers options of easy walks, treks to river, lakes and cascades, exploration of forests, village lifestyles, bird and butterfly watching etc.