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The Magic of Darjeeling

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The Suburbs


Jorpokhri is a  hamlet which  nature has chosen with care and blessed it with beauty and lush greenery . The place lies on the road connecting Darjeeling with Mirik at a distance of about 16 km from Darjeeling. 'Jor' means “a pair” and 'Pokhri' means “a lake”.These lakes forms the center of attraction  due to its natural environment. You can get a  glimpse of Himalayan Salamander, a highly endangered species of reptile. There is anather nice place called Lepchajagat, which is quite nearby. The town of Darjeeling is visible from this place and an illuminated Darjeeling in the night is a view you will cherish for long. One can  also visit to the Pasupati  International market nearby, its in Nepal  but walking distance from Jodpokhori.


 It is 51 kms away from Darjeeling and 65 kms from Siliguri. Owing to its attractive location and surrounding, it has now turned up as a popular tourist spot.Our travel desk organizes package tours to Kalimpong and surrounding areas. Tailor made or Customized packages are also arranged. Kalimpong in West Bengal at an altitude of 1250mts was one of the trade center  in Colonial Period. It used to be a important stoppage in the Silk Route as it was the main trading post between Tibet and British India. It has a number of houses, which speak of the town's heritage and gracious living in earlier decades of this century.Its a fascinating place where you can spend days for bargains in colorful markets and handicraft shops or go trekking to high altitude spots. Kalimpong is famous for flower nurseries which export exotic flowers / Orchids and Cactus. Flourishing floriculture center has resulted in the growth of  numbers of nursery which will  attract you.

River Rafting in the Teesta takes a full day even visiting selected Nurseries takes a day by drive and local sight seeing takes a full day. Places of interest in and around the town includes the following ,

  • Panoramic view points - Durpin Dara and Deolo Hill one can view the Mt Kanchenjunga, Nathu La Pass , Jalep La Pass and Gymochen peaks etc.
  • Thongsha Gumpa or Bhutanese Monastery - Oldest Gumpa built in 1630 during the Bhutanese perriod.
  • Zong Dog Palri Fo-Brang Monastery - Five kms from the town and consecrated by the Dalai Lama in 1976.
  • The Tharpa Choling Monastery - Built in 1937 a belongs to the Gelukpa sect (Yellow Hat) of Tibetan Buddhism.
  • Nature Interpretation Centre – Forest Department use this for awareness among local people on flora, fauna and to spread the same to the tourist on how to interact with ecology to conserve soil and forests of the area.
  • Colonial Bungalows like Surya Sadan, Crockety, Galingka, Morgan House, Tashiding, Ringking Farm. Of these, Morgan House and Tashiding.
  • Army Golf Club - This is on a hillside to keep army personnel fit for high altitude. An ideal platform for photography.
  • St.Theresa Church – It was built like a monastery, beautiful wood carvings adorning the walls, depicting biblical scenes, the personalities resemble Buddhist monks.
  • Nurseries - Gladioli, orchids, cacti, amaryllis, anthuriums, roses, gerberas, dahlias and other exotic plants are grown in a number of flower nurseries mainly for export.
  • Mangal Dhaam - Built in the memory of the late Guru Shree 108 Mangal Dasji.
  • Dr. Graham's Homes - A public school established in 1900, as an institution to house and educate offsprings of British planter and local women. It houses 1300 students was founded by Rev Dr. John Anderson Graham.

Our advice is to take a day off for walking and visiting the local market popularly known as bazaar. Shop for Buddhist Tankhas, hand beaten silver, Bhutanese weaves, Chinese lanterns, copperware, hand stitched clothing, local cheddar-type cheese and lollypops.


Kurseong is a quiet town at an altitude of 1458 mts (4860 ft.) and most of the time mists envelope the landscape.The clean, well kept town of Kurseong is half way up i.e. 33 km from Darjeeling and from here one can get their first view of the mighty Mt. Kanchenjunga. It offers a commanding view of the undulating plains below. It is a small hill station between Siliguri and Darjeeling and is one of the subdivisional headquarter of the hill. The road is one of the most scenic routes in this part of the hills. Many waterfalls and stream / Jhora runs by the side of the road adding to the beauty of the scenery. White orchids grow in plenty around Kurseong. It has a mild and very soothing climate throughout the year. Attractions are its monasteries, churches, temples, monks and missionaries , flowers, orchids , exotic flora, old colonial bungalows, scenic view .The peace, serenity and healthy climate attracts many people to this place. There is a unending list of of VVIP's liking this place. Some of the famous personality are Guru Rabindranath Tagore, painter Abanindranath, Sister Nivedita, Fazlul Haque, Netaji Subhash Bose, Mark Twain spent time in Kurseong.

The nearby tea gardens provide leisurely walks making it possible to spend a few hours among the world's best tea gardens like the Castleton, the beauty of the tea plants spread over a the entire region. Right from the Britisher's time it is the seat of several educational institutions, the old St. Mary's School (1881), St. Helen's School , Victoria Boy's School, Himali Boarding School etc. With many pleasant walks to choose from, one is the Nagari Spur which affords fantastic views of the forests and tea gardens. Another being a ride to a place called Chimney. During the British rule in India, they had constructed a huge chimney at this place and thats how the name got established. Best time to visit is March to mid June & September to mid December.The clothing in summer preferably light woollens in summer and heavy woollens in winter.Local languages spooken here are Nepali, Hindi, Tibetan, English and Bengali.


A 52 Kms drive from Kalimpong. Our travel desk organizes package tours to Lava and surrounding areas, tailor made or customized packages are also arranged. A picturesque spot in the suburbs of kalimpong. A serene misty hamlet Lava is immensely popular among the tourist. At an altitude of 2100mts, Lava presents a landscape with ultimate splendour of nature. The conifer forests under the worm glow of sun with colourful birds everywhere, the whole surrounding will enthrall you to a new dimension.

The view of the silvery peaks of Greater Himalayan snow ranges or the smiling children of local ethnic villages, soaked in simplicity and hospitality, will give you a sense of total fulfillment. The Lava Monastery and Neora valley Interpretation center, is worth visiting. There are a number of places you may visit 2 & a 1/2 kms west of the bazaar is the Tiffin Dara from where one gets a panoramic view of the Kangchendzonga range. Again 6 kms south of the bazaar is the Samebiong Tea Garden popular for its panoramic views / sunrise from Ghanti Dara. Those interested in monasteries may drive 7 kms to Gitkolbung (Guruchukhi) monastery. 12 kms drive through the forests to Changey waterfalls is a delightful experience. Other places of interest are Rishyap, Pedong and Rikkisum.


One of the subdivision of Darjeeling is 52 kms from Siliguri and is 49 kms from Darjeeling. The climate is congenially cool and tourists can have a pleasant sight seeing.There is a natural lake a 1.25 km long Sumendu Lake formation fed with perennial springs and rain water. The hill-slopes are covered by rich forest of "Cryptomaria japanica" trees. Nature lovers may spend a day or two here at Mirik. You can walk around the lake or along the numerous walks in the heavily forested ridges on the western bank, view of sunrise or sunset from "Rameetay Dara" which means "Entertainment Hill". Rameetya Dara and Deosi Dara are two points near the lake from where the rolling plains as well as snow-capped mountains can be seen. Both the sunrise and sunset are breathtaking from here. Other places of interest are as follows - Kawlay Dara, Deosi Dara, Tea Estates, Orange orchards, Tinchuley, Tinchuley Sunrise Point and Tinchuley Monastery


Our travel desk organizes package tours to Lava, Lolaygaon and surrounding areas. Tailor made or Customized packages are also arranged. Lolegaon 24 km from Lava. Nested in a setting of Kanchenjunga and Mount Everest,Monasteries, Himalayan Tribal Life, Pine Trees etc. At an altitude of 1847 mts in the midst of undulating slopes and adorned with towering trees Lolaygaon is the place of wilderness. Kunchendzonga at dawn or sunrise and sunset from Jhandidara is a treat to watch. the natural environment offering best view of Kunchendzonga and surrounding areas. A visit to the Heritage Forest of Lolaygaon is a must to get a feel of the exquisite wealth botanical and zoological richness is awe- inspiring. The 'Canopy Walk' over the century old mossy Oak and Cypress in the Heritage Forest is a thrilling experience. The all-pervading melodious silence is an excellent spot for a restful and quiet holiday.

Other places of interest are Mongpong, Pedong , Samsing, Kalijhora, Latpanchar, Bindu, Jaldhaka, Jhalong, Sandakphu, Falut, Gauribas etc.